Friday, 16 September 2011

some more of San Francisco

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San Francisco is a strange city. It is a city not because of size but because of attitude. There are alot of homeless folk here and to be honest the workers are barely one step behind them. I've never known even a village shop which starts its working day at 11 am but its hard to find a place here that'll do it, including the cafes that open for 'breakfast'.

To drive around the city at night listening to the local jazz radio station is just perfect, its a populated place but everyone still cruises so calmly.

We've walked ALOT since arriving here some days ago and although it may not be miles upon miles the gradient certainly makes up for it, I just stand up in the morning and my calfs are telling me about it.

This evening we popped down to a 'off the grid' meetup which is where all the mobile food vendors meet in one place so everyone can choose some cheap but seriously excellent takeaway and just eat in the hustle of other people. This works, I mean like there were hundreds of people coming in and out of that area for the food. There was about 35 different vendors there in total serving seriously good food.
This happens twice a day in different locations across the city but remains the same each week. simply brilliant.

We've also been spending our time on Alcatraz, within Chinatown, in the parks etc etc. Alot has been going on. Tomorrow we'll head out to the surrounding Bay Area before our departure to Sacremento early sunday morning for the motorcycle swap meet and then onto Monterey Jazz festival.

Be cool people.

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