Thursday, 15 September 2011

San Francisco

Well, been in San Francisco for a couple of days now staying less than 30 seconds from Haight Street. On the way into the city we stopped off at Arlen Ness's place and I don't know why I was so dissapointed with it, I guess I should have known it would just be a large bland metal building with no soul but I was kinda hoping there would be something more. Sure all his historic bikes are cool - and they are the only ones - but maybe its just cause they're not my kind of bikes. Even his new digger bikes should have been good but when someone who worked their said 'they look awesome don't they' I just couldn't lie. No Arlen, stop throwing things together and think about what your doing. STOP BOLTING BOLLOCKS TOGETHER.

Anyways, enough of my ranting, across the street was a way cooler joint which housed some super sweet cars, now this place helped me alot. It helped me put a single name to the american car that I could happily drive around in everyday. And the name of beauty is? Camero. Good lord I want one so bad.

Anyways, so we found our digs for a few days and its a cool house in Haight Ashbury, when we got here we were pretty damn hungry so headed for food, this is the first place in America so far that the only options were it to be fried or in a sandwich and it tastes good! Their chicken here is amazing.

So far we've walked all through the farmers markets on Market street, through the Mission district and naturally through Haight and its a cool city, the main areas could be pretty much any city though with the standard shops dominating the streets apart from the fact the city embraces street art which makes it a colourful change to other citys.

Later today (as its 7:18am now compared to the UK 15:18) we're heading off to Alcatraz then heading into chinatown for foodage.

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