Tuesday, 20 September 2011

San Diego via Big Sur

yesterday we gandered through the Big Sur region on the Pacific Coast Highway stopping at the town of Solvang over night. Its a coast hugging road that dips up and down, in and out of the forests.
Today we drove to San Diego, on route we stopped at Yoshis Garage Company motorsickle shop full of vintage bikes from all nations and loads of bike bits in a hideously unorganised fashion with everything being seriously overpriced, but then selling things is not what his shop is about. Yoshi simply had too many bikes around his house and his wife had had enough of them being around so she sorted him out a industrial unit. So many people stopped by that he decided to start selling some parts, most things are not for sale but everything is there to look through.

Tonight we ended up in a perfect dingy little bar which had a blues band playing, they were pretty damn good aswell. All good fun. Tomorrow we remain here in San Diego.

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