Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Hollywood, CA

So we arrived yesterday into LAX and picked up an embarrisingly lime green rental car. Still have not seen another one this coloured on the road yet its great for spotting it in parking lots. Occasionally I'm regretting not hiring a Mustang but once the long miles kick in I'll be thankful for the fuel economy. We gandered around Hollywood Blvd last night in our slightly dazed, time adjusting way but as it was Labor Day it was pretty damn busy so a great way to experience the main drag of Hollywood.

Today after getting up stupidly early thanks to more time adjusting body clock-ness we walked down Sunset Blvd checking out all the sweet architecture and then wondered down to the new Dice store called Tri Co, this was their first official day of opening and we were their first official customers but it sounds like they've been hella busy since their opening party on saturday night which is great. After more gandering we went to the Peterson Automobile Museum which was pretty sweet.

Tonight we're off to eat at the Hard Rock and then seeing a gig there afterwards, I'm sure it won't be a too late one tonight as we're cruising to Las Vegas tomorrow, rock on!

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