Sunday, 11 September 2011

Death Valley, Nevada

Today saw approx 300 miles of road taking 8 hours of solid driving across Death Valley, from the heights looking into the basin and then straight through the main valley and up to Bishop where we currently sit.

The main valley was hot at 103F but not as hot as it does get so this was enough to get an idea. To give some statistics on the salt bottomed basin the annual rainfall averages 42mm but the annual evaporation average equals 3800mm, so whatever lands there doesn't last long. The salt looks awesome but tastes like crap, especially when your already hot and thirsty, believe me.

The deserts roads were long and straight and I just love hitting long roads like these, tomorrow we're driving through Yosemite National Park so its gonna become a little bit greener on the eyes as we head towards Mariposa, CA.

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